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QSpec/QProt Submission Page

To Download QSPEC
As of September 2012 QSpec is released as a component of QPROT. To obtain a free copy of the software, please email Dr. Hyung Won Choi at: .
If you would like to obtain a copy of the original QSpec software please go the Sourceforge download site here.

We are currently using version 1.2.2 of QSPEC.

Web Submission Instructions

Please follow these instructions exactly as described.
The text file must be tab-delimited and have a header line that looks like this:
protid	protLen	0	0	0	1	1
Field NameField Description
protidunique protein identifier, no spaces or blanks are allowed
protLenthe length of the protein, integers only
0indicates that the column contains 'control' experiment spectral counts
1indicates that the column contains 'treatment' experiment spectral counts

Your file can contain as many 0 and 1 columns as you like.
You must have 1 row per protein and every spectral count column must contain a number. Empty cells are not allowed and neither are 'NULL' or 'NA' values.

For intensity-based scoring (ie: QProt), the protLen column must be dropped and the data columns (ie: 0's and 1's columns) should contain continuous values not integers.

Upload your data files here for analysis using QSpec.

Your results will be emailed to you at the address you provide

Please read the submission instructions above.
Failure to follow them will prevent you from getting your results.
Total number of data columns: Excluding protId and protLen columns
Normalize my data by abundance? Yes No
Program: Spectral Counting Intensity
Your data:
10MB file size limit. Anything bigger will not upload.